Maggie Jiang on the inside pages of ChinaVogue

Raising Chinese actress, Maggie Jiang, is on on a roll. She has a few upcoming high profile dramas with China A-Lister like Wallace Chung and Jing Dong. For now, she is on the latest pages of high fashion magazine Vogue, June issue. She is styled refreshingly plain along with her crazy pin strip patterns. In the words of Maggie Jiang herself, ”…

Mina Fujii is perfect for Spring

Japanese actress, Mina Fujii, is elegantly fresh and lovely on the latest issue of International BNT Korean magazine. The small flora prints along with perfectly length dress, and her wavy hair all are example of fashion gone right. She has been active in South Korean doing reality shows and hopes to continue working there.  

C-actress Song Jia on ‘L’Officiel’ magazine

Chinese actress Song Jia’s real life fashion may be for the most part a fail, but she looks good on the latest May issues of ‘L’Officiel‘ magazine. Here’s to hoping she’ll pick another mainstream drama, so fans can get more from this great actress. 

Tang Yan and ‘Marie Claire’ magazine joined hand for May issues

It’s not necessary a good ideal to be on every cover magazine all the time if the outcome of the photo shoot along with the fashion is horrible. Tang Yan‘s boring pose and same stoic expression did nothing to enhance an already failed concept. She’s got to have other final shots that is more photo ready…

Li Bingbing Goes ‘Beyond the Syle”

C-actress Li Bingbing takes fashion around the world for a good cause. In collaboration with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Li takes a public action to promote wilderness animal whom are consider endangered. Her photoshoots are always creative and this April issue of China Harper’s Bazaar was no exception. 

Zhao Wei displays her “Ideal of Fashion”

It’s another magazine cover for Zhao Wei on “T” magazine displaying her ideal of fashion. The photo shoot concept theme is quite creative but not necessary fashions one should take to the street. Nonetheless, she always manage to look normal despite the fashion overwhelming. On a side note this magazine cover would count as her 3rd…

The ‘Golden Age” of Zhao Wei

C-actress turned acclaimed director Zhao Wei, aka Vicky Zhao, have opted out to lay down on front lining her own dramas but instead constantly trying to improve her skills behind the lenses. However, this month, she manages to make head line being featured on Esquire and Madame Figaro magazine both in the month of March alone….

Yang Mi on Grazia & Marie Claire Magazine

Starting of the year of 2017 just right, C-actress Yang Mi is living the high light. Her self produce drama, Eternal Love aka Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (三生三世十里桃花) became one of the biggest hit of all time propelling leading male lead, Mark Chao, to super stardom. It’s only normal that magazine covers are scrambling to get…