A Style Page Look at Araya A Haragate at Cannes Festival 2016

Thailand’s A-lister actress Araya A Harate shows the fashion world how to properly arrival at the red carpet during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival in Paris. If you don’t know her now, you’ll be seeing more of her as her photos at the festival were pretty much splatter everywhere fashion blogs about the event. Here is a closer look at the awesome designs she worn at the event.

Ralfh & Russo at “Cafe Society” premiere May 11,2016

Versace at “Money Monster” premiere May 12, 2016

Zuhair Murad  at “The BFG” Premiere May 14, 2016

Jean Paul Gaultier at “From The Land Of The Moon (Mal De Pierres)” premiere May 15, 2016

Kaufman Franco at “The Search” Premiere May 21, 2016

Zac Posen at “Cleopatra” premiere May 21, 2016

Salvatore Ferragamo at “All is Lost” premiere May 22, 2016


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