What Not To Wear Fashion: Yao Chen additon

Just because a particular style is seen on the pages of fashion magazines, doesn’t mean that those styles should be allow outside. This post will particularly focus on what to avoid wearing when pregnant.  Chinese’s actress Yao Chen was recently seen on the pages of a fashion magazine strolling happily along the public streets.  Her makeup and hair styles are beautifully on display, but her choices of clothing are way distracting (in the nicest way possible). 

 Avoid wearing lace gown

  • This particular lace dress belongs in the bedroom during bed time.
  • Lose the small hand bag, they are for kids

Minimalist is the answer when in doubt

  •  The dress is perfect for a pregnant lady, but lose the busy pattern scarf (carrying a baby is already hard enough, there’s no need to exhaust one’s self with a choker scarf).
  • This handbag should be thrown away unless it’s Halloween

Two oversize doesn’t always make it right

  • Both sweater and skirt are great for pregnant ladies, but not for wearing together. The sweater is too baggy and could be perfectly pair with skirts with lesser fabric. Same goes for the skirt, because a simple t-shirt would of been good.

A woman got to look good even when pregnant right?

Credit: Sina


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