Tommy Hilfiger Seek Gigi Hadid for Inspiration On Latest Collection

So what do you get when a well known designer is out of ideal and is using a famous model as an inspiration for their latest collection?  A Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid’s 2016 Fall runway carnival theme collection.

This was one of those latest collections where designers are taking the next bold move by making their collection available to the consumer as soon as they are seen on the runway. In the past, customer will only get them until 6 months later.

Despite the collection having Gigi Hadid’s name tagged to it, it still very much a Tommy Hilfiger’s signature type of fashion. The clothes overall are nothing inventive especially the athletic wears. However, what stand out the most, are the diverse coats and jackets. They are really well made and the little details make them unique.

Tommy x Gigi Cotton Band Jacket, $295

Tommy x Gigi Long Military Wool Coat, $395

Faux Fur Peacoat, $630

Wool Military Coat, $890

Tommy x Gigi Wool Slim Peacoat


Faux Fur Bomber Jacket, $395

Tommy x Gigi Nylon Bomber Jacket, $295

This Jumpsuit was interesting because of the unique shoulder design. It’s worth a second look.

Tommy Hilfiger Collection Velvet Marine Jumpsuit, $490


All Tommy Hilfiger’s latest collection can be purchase directly at it’s official website.


Source: refinery29hollywoodlife


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