Drama Couple Face Off Between ‘Road to The Airport’ and ‘The K2’

Two of Korean upcoming dramas “Road to The Airport” starring Kim Ha Neul and Lee Sang Yoon and “The K2” starring Kim Yoona and Ji Chang-Wook are gearing up to be release soon and promotion on well underway. Both first time TV couples were featured on two of Korean most prominent fashion magazines ‘Singles’ and ‘Vogue’.

“Road To The Airport” Premier Fashion

As a whole, all the cast members looked good together. They coordinated well with each in colors and style. The ladies wore below the knee length dress for a more contemporary and mature look. As for the two leading man, they also look serious with the inside vast sweater and cuffed pants. LSY’s length of pants need to be more clearer. Is it a capri or is the pants too short?

Singles” Magazine Cover

“The K2” Premier Fashion

Both Yoona and JCW also complemented each other well. Yoona’s dress may  be on the more formal side but pair with her causal belt it actually made both the onscreen couple fit right in together. The trend of wearing shorter pants length are everywhere on press event, but it’s very not flattery. Years from now, they’ll regret because it’s a fad. The purpose of the shorter length pants style is to make them look taller like “they are too tall for the pant,” but in reality, the cut off actually makes them shorter. There are times when this trend works with the right loafer shoe, but not with the dress shoe JCW is wearing. Nonetheless, both came out of the press conference very comfortable and happy.

Inside The Pages Of Vogue

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